Train Running Status

Enter the train number and track the current live status of rail.


Live status is a service used to locate the current location of a rail. How the Indian railways track the running rail status is, it just keeps track of the timing at each station as it arrived. When the user requests for the live train status, the Indian railways displays the last arrived station of the rail.

Train Live Status

How to use this tool and track the live rail location? Enter the number and then select the journey / boarding / Arrival Date to get the live status. The Indian railways had started the train enquiry service a couple of years back to help passengers in locating the live location of the rail. This feature is called as spot your train. Apart from this you can also check the pnr status of train. You have to enter the 10 digit PNR number at to get the pnr status of your train ticket.

Rail Schedule

There is a difference between the trains schedule and train running status. The schedule is for knowing the arrival time and departure time of the rail at a station. It is just like the time table of the train.

Rail Current Location

How to use this irctc rail enquiry feature to spot your train location? Here is a simple guide which helps you in finding the live train position. Enter the 5 digit railway number in the above form and then submit the form. Then select the station name and click on one of the day buttons. Make sure that the rail arrives the station on that particular day.

Both Irctc and India Railways have partnered together in bringing such nice services which are very helpful to the passengers. Here is the list of trains that are currently being tracked for live train running status


NTES stands for national train enquiry system is an online portal launched by the India Railways. The NTES provides some specialized services of India Railways and the important ones are spot your trains and railways schedule. The NTES does not provide the railway status in real time. There will be a delay from minutes to hours. When we track for the position of a running railway, the India Railways displays the last departed station and with how much delay the railway is currently running. It wont update the station until the railway reaches the next station. As soon as the railway reaches the next station, the India railways update the station within a few minutes. This is how the spot your railway feature of NTES provides the status of the railway.

Tips for Tatkal Ticket Booking

Tatkal booking is the last possible way to get the confirmed ticket for your journey. It is very important the you know how to book a ticket online before booking a tatkal ticket. You can have a look on Quick Booking Guide at irctc.

Ticket Cancellation

Any passenger can cancel their railway ticket in case they do not want to travel. A refund request can also be made by filing a TDR if a passenger not able to board the rail. TDR can be filed only after 24 hour rail reaches at destination.

Some rules are applicable for each cancellation of ticket. These rules may vary depending on type of ticket. For E-tickets cancellation, i-tickets cancellation, ticket booked through railway counter and for filing the TDR and refund rules visit the irctc site. For More information about the cancellation and refund charges you can visit the official Indian railways website.