South Eastern Railway (SER) Regular Operations

The South Eastern Railway division was once known as Bengal Nagpur Railway in 1955. The Bengal Nagpur Railways was a very old Indian Railways zone and its history dates back to 1887. However, in 1944 the British Government captured this division changed the name of this railway zone to East Indian Railway. By 1967 this zone of Indian Railway took over the Damodar Valley River line along six other operational zones within its jurisdiction.

Services of SER

Enquiry: The south eastern railway has an official portal where you can access all types of information. The operations carried out by South eastern railway consists of PNR status check, seat availability check, scheduled trains between stations, special train information, etc. You can simply log in to the official website and check out the required information.

Train Schedule: Not only the South eastern railway Time table but the site offers an insight into national train time table information. While you seek for train schedule information you are redirected to the Indian railway portal where you can acquire all information related to train time tables, train schedules, cancellation of trains, special trains etc.

Reservation system: In case of reservation of seats or berths the redirects you to IRCTC where you can make advance bookings and reservations. There is actually no specific or dedicated South Eastern railway reservation system. The IRCTC operates the reservations of Indian railway trains.

Advanced services of SER

Apart from the above written services the South eastern Railway site offers an extensive range of informative spectrum for the public. You can get all relevant information of latest railway works, tenders, projects related to this division. Besides that the site also provides abundant and up to date information of recruitment procedures, examinations, employment notices, etc. The site unveils all the current railway affairs, ministerial decisions on Railway development, latest trains launched, and also the news and press releases related to Indian Railway as well as South Eastern railway. You can log in to the site of this railway zone to avail particular department related information. Under the Indian Railway and under every zonal division there is specific segregation of departments oriented to civil engineering, medical, administration, etc. You can access all such relevant information by accessing this site.

The South Eastern Railway is extensively in operation since 1955. However it has undergone tremendous progress throughout these years and now become an integral part of the Indian Railway network. You can access information, go to reservation links; fetch current train time tables at this site. The site is revised and updated on routine basis to provide you current and relevant information.

Similar to SER, there are other zones like west central railway which also a part of the Indian Railways. It also responsible for carrying various day to day operations like managing the train on the rail tracks, freight control, track condition checking, signal controlling and many other. All these railway zones are monitored by the Indian Railways department.

Indian Railway March Updates – Solar Panels

Solar Panels: In a step to reduce the power cost, Indian railways have finalized on setting up the solar panels in the railway stations and its premises. Under the power purchase agreement, the Indian railway have come up with this new policy of setting the solar panels on the rooftop of the railway stations. This will help the Indian railways in reducing the cost of the power. This new system will replace the existing fossil fuels which in turn reduce the consumption of the this fuels.

Solar Panels indian railways

Insurance Policy for Passengers: The Indian Railways is making some good moves to make passengers happy. It is planning to provide some insurance policies to the passengers. In case of any train accidents, this insurance policy will cover the medical treatment of the passengers or the policy will ensure that the passenger will remove money in case of death.

Indian railways is in touch with 7 insurance companies and if the agreement is finalized, then it needs an approval from the government. Passengers have to pay special premium to avail the insurance while purchasing the train ticket.

Ready to Eat Meals: In an attempt to provide tasty and quality food, the Indian railways have tied up with many online food delivery services like foodpanda, travelkhana, KFC, Dominos and many other. Passengers can order any of the pre-cooked food and can eat in trains.

New Trains: The Indian railways has introduced two new trains Kamakhya-Bhagat Ki Kothi Express and Siliguri-New Coochbehar DEMU.

Whats your stand on the insurance policy? Do you think that the Indian railways have to pay the insurance premium rather than the passengers? I guess that if every passengers buy the premium, then the insurance companies are going to become rich.

The solar panels set up is good move from the Indian railways. This will reduce the power bill and helps the railway to utilize the money for other purposes. Write your comments here.