Crude Oil Importing by Indian Railways

We know that our Indian Railways is struggling to be in profits since many years. It is looking for different ways and alternate methods to increase the revenue. One way is to reducing the cost on some products. As a step towards it, the Indian Railways is planning to import the crude oil from foreign countries to replace the traditional diesel. This crude oil will replace the diesel in trains that are powered by the diesel oil. The crude oil is cheaper compared to the diesel and it costs only one third of the diesel. This will help the Indian Railways to save two third expenses on the diesel expenditure. Our Indian Railways consumes around 3 billion liters of diesel every year which costs around Rs. 18K crore. Just imagine how much the Indian railways is going to save by replacing diesel with crude oil.

Bullet Trains: The first bullet train is going to run between the Mumbai and Ahmedabad. The bullet trains can run at a speed of 350 kilometer per hour. The usual running speed of bullet train 320Kmph. The distance between Mumbai and Ahmedabad is 510Km. within just two hours, the bullet train can travel from Mumbai to Ahmedabad and vice-versa.

The Indian Railway has formed a special purpose vehicle to implement the high speed bullet train which is called as the national high speed rail corporation limited. The project will take around 7 years to complete. New technologies will be used in implementing this project.

SRESHTA R&D: High speed traveling trains like bullet trains, maglev (as of now no maglev trains) are becoming common in any country. Our Indian railways is also going to start its first bullet train project. In order to achieve this, our Engineers in the railway department have to learn a lot about new technologies. It has started a new research department called SRESHTA. The full form of SRESHTA is Special Railway Establishment for Strategic Technology and Holistic Advancement. This R&D department will comprise of Engineers and Scientists. This department will focus on the long term research for making modern and speed trains.

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