How to Improve Indian Railways

Well It comes to Indian Railways, passengers are unhappy because of the way the current things are going on. The Indian railways has to do better and improve in many areas. Here are some top areas where it can make progress.

Service Improvements

Ticket Booking on IRCTC: Booking a ticket online on IRCTC website is quite challenging for Indians. Most the times the servers are busy and there is not hope that we can book a ticket successfully. Well the situation was quite pathetic a few years book. Even registering for a new account was quite difficult at that time. Now the IRCTC is not in such worst situation. However still it make a good progress. It can use cloud technology and make ticket booking pretty faster.

Railway services: The top features used by the passengers are the checking of pnr status and train running status. checking of irctc pnr status is quite relatively fast and passengers do not face much difficulty in pnr status checking. However while checking for the train enquiry of a running train, the Indian railways portal do not respond and takes lot of time to show the live location of the train.

Food Catering in Trains: The food served by IRCTC catering in trains is not worth for what you pay. It is not quality food and sometimes it smells bad. The railway department should look for an alternative catering services rather than solely choosing IRCTC.

Technology Improvements

Bullet and Maglev Trains: Many countries like Japan are far beyond us in terms of technology. They have sophisticated trains like bullet and Maglev trains which runs at a speed of 300 to 600 KMPH. In India, we have still the old trains which are not even capable of crossing 120KMPH.

Derailment of Trains: Once in a year, in the news we might by hearing that some train was derailed. This become a common problem which needs to be taken as high priority and should be fixed immediately. Using latest technology, railway department should be able to detect tracks that are not in good condition.

Modern Railway Stations: The railway stations are in a very bad situation. They remind everyone of olden days. In the last two years, the government set up escalators and lifts in a good number of stations. However the stations are not revamped.

These are the just top 5 areas where our Indian railways have to focus on first. Well there are other areas like sanitation in rail and stations, hiring adequate number of employees and many other where it can show improvement.

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