Indian Railway March Updates – Solar Panels

Solar Panels: In a step to reduce the power cost, Indian railways have finalized on setting up the solar panels in the railway stations and its premises. Under the power purchase agreement, the Indian railway have come up with this new policy of setting the solar panels on the rooftop of the railway stations. This will help the Indian railways in reducing the cost of the power. This new system will replace the existing fossil fuels which in turn reduce the consumption of the this fuels.

Solar Panels indian railways

Insurance Policy for Passengers: The Indian Railways is making some good moves to make passengers happy. It is planning to provide some insurance policies to the passengers. In case of any train accidents, this insurance policy will cover the medical treatment of the passengers or the policy will ensure that the passenger will remove money in case of death.

Indian railways is in touch with 7 insurance companies and if the agreement is finalized, then it needs an approval from the government. Passengers have to pay special premium to avail the insurance while purchasing the train ticket.

Ready to Eat Meals: In an attempt to provide tasty and quality food, the Indian railways have tied up with many online food delivery services like foodpanda, travelkhana, KFC, Dominos and many other. Passengers can order any of the pre-cooked food and can eat in trains.

New Trains: The Indian railways has introduced two new trains Kamakhya-Bhagat Ki Kothi Express and Siliguri-New Coochbehar DEMU.

Whats your stand on the insurance policy? Do you think that the Indian railways have to pay the insurance premium rather than the passengers? I guess that if every passengers buy the premium, then the insurance companies are going to become rich.

The solar panels set up is good move from the Indian railways. This will reduce the power bill and helps the railway to utilize the money for other purposes. Write your comments here.

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