Indian Railway May Updates

There’s been so many updates this month on Indian railways. Here are the main highlights to go:

New Rules from July 1st 2016:

Tatkal Ticket Cancellations: Currently there is no option to cancel a confirmed tatkal ticket. Indian railways is going to provide 50% of refund on tatkal ticket cancellations. This new rule will come into effect from 1st July onwards.

Wakeup Call: Passengers will get a wakeup call destination facility in the trains. Passengers who sleep at night no need of worrying that they will cross their destination station.

Alternate train for waitlisted passengers: Passengers with a waitlist ticket will get a confimed berth in suvidha trains like shatabdi and rajadhani express. Only confirmed seats will be allocated in these trains. 50% refund will be given upon cancellation of tickets in suvidha trains.

Tickets in regional languages: Passengers can book ticket in their regional local language.

Railway Updates:

Solar powered train coaches: The railway department coming up with a proto type where the coaches are fitted with solar panels which supplies power for internal needs. Air conditioners, fans and lights will be run with this power supply. Trail runs of this type of caoches are going on. Any soon we can expect these coaches to run on the tracks.

IRCTC Portal Compramised: As per the online sources, it seems that 10 million users data is stolen and sold for just 225 dollars. However IRCTC and Indian railways claim that no such incident happened. We don’t have any information on whether the data is actually stolen or not.

Improving tracks. Most of the times trains were delayed due to worse condition of railway tracks. Indian railways is investing 80000 crore to imrpvoe the condition of the railway tracks.

Thats it with the updates so far. We will post more updates about our railway department in our next post. Meanwhile you can check the train running status at NTES. Share your views on our railways with us.

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