Indian Railways Reservation Quota and Concessions

The Indian Railways always looking for providing benefits to its passengers. In this year budget, the Railway Minister proposed for providing reservation quota for senior citizens. Now senior citizens will have 80 to 90 berths reserved in each train. This new quota will come into effect from 1st April 2016. Pregnant women who are age is above 45 years can also book a ticket under this quota.

Earlier in 2015, in each coach four lower berths are reserved for the senior citizens. From this year on wards, the quota is increased by 50% and six lower berths are reserved for the senior citizens except in the first AC class.
Lets take a look at the different quotas and concessions available while booking a ticket in the Indian Railways:

Reservations Quotas:

Here are the different type of reservation quotas in the Indian Railways:

  • General: Anyone can book a berth under this category:
  • Tatkal and Premium Tatkal: Tatkal quota is for passengers who plans their journey in a short period of time. Passengers can book ticket one day before the train start time. The ticket fare is higher than the general quota.
  • Ladies: Exclusive for women. In some trains, there are separate compartments for ladies where only women commuters are allowed.
  • Defence: This is a special quota for the people who serve for the country. Military, Navy and Air Force people fall into this category.
  • Foreign Tourist: Foreigners who visit India can book a ticket under this quota.
  • Handicapped: Physically Handicapped persons can book a seat in this type of category.
  • Parliament House: Members of the parliament house can book a berth under this category

Railway Concessions:

There are so many different type of concessions available in the Indian Railways. These concessions are generalized and put into short here:

  • Children and Senior Citizens: Children below 12 years and senior citizens above 58 years can get a concession on the ticket fare.
  • Patients: Patients suffering from diseases like cancer, anemia, heart problems can get concession upto 75%.
  • Artists: Artists can also get a discount ranging from 50 to 75%.
  • Award: Arjun Awardees can travel in the Indian Railways for free.
  • Scouts: Bharat scouts and guides can avail a 50% concession.
  • Blind people: Blind persons can get concessions from 25% to 100%. This depends on the train.

Apart from this list; handicapped persons, doctors, patient escorts, film technicians, students, un-employeed youth can also get concessions in the ticket fare.

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