Internet Services in Indian Railways

Indian Railways is planning for bringing internet services to its passengers. It is considering to bring gaming and food ordering services in trains. It is mainly focusing on promoting startup ventures.

Travelkhanna is one of the online food delivery service which is already in partnership with the Indian Railways. Currently it is delivering 5000 meals per day and each meal costs an average of Rs.150. It is expecting that in the next two years that the number of orders will be doubled.

The Indian Railways also planning to partner up with food delivery services like Zomato and foodpanda. Passengers can easily order the food from their mobile app.

internet services in indian railways

Everyone wants to have some fun especially when they are free and bored. Traveling time in Indian Railways takes from hours to days. The Indian railways is planning to set up gaming services in the coaches. To start with a set of servers and gaming consoles will be placed in the first AC coaches to give passengers an arcade like video game system. Not sure whether it is possible to set gaming consoles in the sleeper classes. A good idea is to have separate coaches where the railway department can place all the entertainment equipment.

Did you know that the Indian railways in on twitter and handles daily 5000 tweets? Here is the twitter handle @RailMinIndia. Users can tweet their concerns and also even complaint on any unsatisfactory services. Passengers can even tweet their complaints from a running train and the issues will be addressed immediately.

I am waiting for the gaming services to be set up in the Railways. I wish it would set up in all the AC coaches. Of course there are even more priority thing the Indian railways have to sort it out especially the sanitation and the food quality.

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