Internet Services in Indian Railways

Indian Railways is planning for bringing internet services to its passengers. It is considering to bring gaming and food ordering services in trains. It is mainly focusing on promoting startup ventures.

Travelkhanna is one of the online food delivery service which is already in partnership with the Indian Railways. Currently it is delivering 5000 meals per day and each meal costs an average of Rs.150. It is expecting that in the next two years that the number of orders will be doubled.

The Indian Railways also planning to partner up with food delivery services like Zomato and foodpanda. Passengers can easily order the food from their mobile app.

internet services in indian railways

Everyone wants to have some fun especially when they are free and bored. Traveling time in Indian Railways takes from hours to days. The Indian railways is planning to set up gaming services in the coaches. To start with a set of servers and gaming consoles will be placed in the first AC coaches to give passengers an arcade like video game system. Not sure whether it is possible to set gaming consoles in the sleeper classes. A good idea is to have separate coaches where the railway department can place all the entertainment equipment.

Did you know that the Indian railways in on twitter and handles daily 5000 tweets? Here is the twitter handle @RailMinIndia. Users can tweet their concerns and also even complaint on any unsatisfactory services. Passengers can even tweet their complaints from a running train and the issues will be addressed immediately.

I am waiting for the gaming services to be set up in the Railways. I wish it would set up in all the AC coaches. Of course there are even more priority thing the Indian railways have to sort it out especially the sanitation and the food quality.

Railway Fare Likely to Increase in the Coming Budget

Whats the railway budget 2016 is going to be? Right now there is  not much information on the railway budget and what its likely going to be. In general, most probably there will be new trains running in each station and the train fare might increase or decrease.

As per the sources, there is high chance of increasing the train fare by 10 percent. Here are the reasons why the train fare is likely to increase:

  1. The earnings from passengers and freights declined when compared to the year 2014.
  2. The 7th pay commission made some recommendations to the Indian Railways. To implement all these recommendations Rs.32000 cr is required.
  3. The finance minister had reduced the Indian railways budget by Rs.8000 cr for the financial year 2015-16.

indian railway train fare hike

Also the Indian railways fall 3.7% short in its earnings in 2015. The proposal to increase the train fare is going to be placed in this year budget. The Indian railways can take full advantage of this fare increase as the peak season is going to start from March.

IRCTC Train Fare Refund:

When booking a train ticket on IRCTC portal there is a high chance that the transaction will be failed and your amount will be deducted from your account. It seems that IRCTC is not refunding the amount in certain cases. One possible case is when you paid the money and then your bank didn’t redirected to IRCTC portal. In this case the IRCTC website won’t receive the amount. The IRCTC or your  bank should take responsibility in crediting the amount back to your account.

Railway Update – Partial Cancellation of Trains of 14-Feb-2016:

There is likely going to be some trains will be cancelled on 14-Feb-2016 in new Delhi due to the ongoing construction activity.

Warning system on unmanned railway crossings:

In India 40% of the railway accidents are happening at the railway crossings especially at unmanned railway crossings. The Indian railways is going to introduce warning system at these crossings to avoid any train accidents. The new system is going to warn people who are crossing the track whenever a train is going to pass by. Now people will know that there is a train going to pass by and won’t cross the railway track.

Indian Railways Sophisticated Coaches | Misc Updates

The Indian Railways is going to introduce a new trains that run at a speed of 200Kmph. These new trains are equipped with high class coaches. Here are the highlights of the new coaches:

  • The manufacturing cost of these coaches costs 3.5cr whereas the normal coaches costs 2.5 cr.
  • The entrance of these coaches have sliding doors just like the metro trains.
  • These coaches are equipped with latest technology which includes steel brakes, electro-pneumatically assisted braking system and sintered pads.
  • A personal entertainment system will also be available in these coaches. Passengers can watch movies and listen to their favorite music.
  • Sanitation is given high importance in these coaches. The lavatories are completely redesigned with new interiors and equipped with vacuum evacuation of toilets.

The Indian Railways ordered for 20 coaches. Out of them 4 coaches are ready and the remaining will be ready by the end of the June month. The 20 coaches include 14 AC chairs, 3 executive chairs and 3 power cars.

indian railway luxury coaches

Indian Railway Updates

Here are this week updates on Indian Railways:

The Railways is planning to introduce new carry bag in some of the most busiest stations. The new carry bags costs half the price of the current green dustbins.

Track Management System: The Indian railways launched new online portal to monitor the condition of the railway tracks. This web portal provides information on the maintenance of the railway tracks in real time. This also helps in resolving poor track conditions in time.

Indian railways restored all the 258 cancelled trains. The weather conditions seems better and these cancelled trains will run regularly from this week.

These are highlights of this week. Here are some questions to the readers.

Do you think the current railway tracks are good enough to handle train running at a speed of 200Kmph. Do you think the railways have to come up with new tracks to avoid any accidents?

Do the new carry bags are going to keep the railway stations cleans or the Indian railways just introduced to reduce the cost?

What steps the railways can take in future to run the trains even in bad weather conditions?

Comment your valuables answers here.

Rules for Booking Ticket on IRCTC

The IRCTC and Indian Railways have come up with new set of rules for booking tickets online on IRCTC portal. The Indian Railways set these new rules to credit genuine passengers in booking tickets and prevent any touting activities. Here are the complete rules for booking a ticket on IRCTC portal:

  1. Passenger can book maximum of 6 tickets per month. This new rule will be effective from 15-Feb-2016. Currently passengers can book maximum of 10 tickets per month. As per the analysis of Indian Railways 90% of the passengers are booking less than 6 tickets per month.
  2. The Indian Railways made 35 seconds wait time for booking a ticket online. As per the IRCTC, in general it will take 35 seconds for filling the form and completing the bank transaction. That is why this new rule is in place.

irctc ticket booking rules

The following are the some of the old rules which are still in place:

  1. Passengers can book 2 ARP (advanced reservation period) tickets per day between 08:00 and 10:00 hours.
  2. Two tatkal tickets can be booked between 10:00 and 12:00 from a single IP address. More than 2 tickets are not allowed to book even if the user ids are different.
  3. Fast booking options, E-Wallets and Cash cards are not allowed between 08:00 and 12:00 hours. So E-Wallets are not going to help passengers in booking tatkal tickets.
  4. User can only book one ticket in a single session. However user can book a return ticket in the same session. To book a ticket user has to logout and login again into the IRCTC portal.
  5. Agents are not allowed to book tickets during tatkal timings.
  6. AC ticket tatkal timings starts daily at 10:00AM and sleeper tickets tatkal booking starts at 11:00Am. This rule is to reduce load on the IRCTC servers.

The Indian Railways and IRCTC have come up with all these rules to allow only genuine users to book a ticket and prevent automated softwares to book ticket. IRCTC is taking necessary steps to prevent any touting activities in booking tickets. There is no doubt that the Indian Railways and IRCTC in future might come up with new set of rules. Whats your comment on these new rules. Do you think IRCTC should make some changes to these rules?

Indian Railways – High Speed Wifi at Mumbai Railway Station

The Indian Railway Minister launched the Google free Wifi in Mumbai Railway station onf 22-Jan-2016. This is a good news for all the Indian railway passengers. Now they can access any service from their mobile especially like the pnr status, train schedule and train running status.

Indian railways is planning to set up free wifi hubs in 100 busy railway stations by the end of this year. Within the next few years almost all the railway stations will be setup with Google wifi. Even the railway stations in remote villages will have free wifi access.

Well, it is not clear that whether the wifi access will be free or it just free for an hour in a day. Daily millions of people travel in the Indian railways. The Indian railways goal is to provide an affordable internet access to millions of people.


indian railways wifi

The Indian railway even planning to set up wifi hubs on the running train to provide internet access to the passengers. This is also helps the railways to track the exact location of the running train. Passengers can access important services of Indian railways right from their berth. Here are some important services of Indian railways.

PNR Status: The passenger name record is 10 digit number allocated for each train ticket. This PNR number can be used for tracking the status of the ticket like whether the passenger got a confirmed ticket or not.

Train Running Status: Passengers can track the live location of running train. This service is not yet real time. I am hoping with the setup of wifi devices on the trains, this service can be made real time.

Train Schedule: The train timings of train can be known with the train schedule feature.

Ticket Booking: Just sitting in the train, passengers can book a return ticket form their smart phones through IRCTC portal without any internet interruptions.

In conclusion, the free wifi is very useful for passengers and can access important services of Indian railways and from any other online portal. The Indian railways should work hard to set up the wifi devices as early as possible.

IRCTC Makes 35 seconds to Wait to Book Tickets

We all know how difficult it is book a ticket on IRCTC website especially on holiday or festive season. The IRCTC servers will be so busy that sometimes it will be unreachable. Day by day the internet users are increasing and using IRCTC portal. In the financial year 2014-15, around 54% of the Indian railway tickets are booked online where as the remaining percent of tickets are booked at the railway counters. This is 33 percent growth when compared to the previous financial year.  It is estimated that in the next 3 years 80% of the train tickets will be booked through IRCTC portal. Keeping this trend in mind, the Indian Railways and IRCTC have to take actions to make the portal better.

Due to increased demand of e-ticketing and capacity constraint there were problems in ticket booking process and complaints of website slowness and non availability. As a step towards making the IRCTC faster, the Indian Railway makes 35 seconds wait compulsory to book a ticket on IRCTC site. Still the 35 seconds wait is not clear. Is it the passengers have to wait 35 seconds before booking a ticket or to book another ticket.  We are assuming that it is the time taken for booking the ticket on IRCTC portal. So, it is the average time for booking a train ticket.

irctc ticket booking


The Indian Railways took this decision to prevent automated software’s to book tickets very fast on the IRCTC. Earlier there are incidents where the IRCTC site had been misused and booked so many train tickets especially the tatkal tickets. On the other side this wait time can become a problem for the passengers and it reduces the chances of booking a tatkal ticket. However the Indian Railway says that under normal conditions it takes 35 seconds for the passengers to fill the form and complete the bank transaction.

IRCTC Ticket Booking Capcity:

In the Initial days, IRCTC was capable of booking 2000 tickets per minute. In the year 2014, IRCTC launched the next generation e ticketing and the capacity was increased to 7200 tickets per minute. Late in the year 2015, the capacity was doubled and able to book 15000 tickets in a minute. Now IRCTC is capable of booking 18000 to 20000 tickets per minute.

We hope IRCTC makes the site even better and hassle free. As  a user of IRCTC portal, comment your ideas here on how the portal can be improved to make the ticket booking faster and prevent the automated softwares.

Suvidha Trains by Indian Railways

Suvidha trains are special trains which run on summer holidays or on festival days. These train were launched by the Indian Railways to replace to the Premium trains.

Premium train tickets can only be booked online on IRCTC portal. Whereas the suvidha train tickets can be booked at the railway stations and on IRCTC website. Here are some of the important points to note before booking a ticket in suvidha or premium trains.

  • The train fare of these trains is very high. The fare will be at-least 2 to 5 times of the normal ticket fare. The fare of the ticket from Hyderabad to Chennai is around Rs.500 in express trains. Whereas in the premium trains, the fare will be around Rs.1300.
  • Passengers cannot book a wait-list ticket on these trains. Only confirmed (both berth and RAC) tickets are allowed to book.
  • There is no concession on the train ticket fare.
  • Ticket cancellation is not allowed. In some cases, passengers can cancel the train ticket and can get full fare or 50% of the amount.
  • Passengers have to produce identity card for travelling in these trains.
  • As these are special trains, they only run on summer season or for some festivals.

Suvidha Trains

The Indian Railways is running the suvidha trains for this pongal holidays. Avail this opportunity and book train tickets to travel to your hometown.

Luxury Trains in India

Have you every wondered that Indian Railways runs some luxury trains. There are important tourist trains in India. The fare of these trains are very high when compared to the regular super fast trains. Travelling in these luxury trains in a different and pleasant experience. At least try to travel in one of the train once in your lifetime. Here is the list of luxury trains in India:

Maharaja Express: It is introduced in the year 2010 and is completely operated by the IRCTC. This train starts or ends in Delhi and includes a visit to TajMahal in Agra. This is the most luxury train in India.

Place on Wheels: This is one of the luxury tourist train in India. This train was introduced especially to promote tourism in Rajasthan State. The train gives a feeling of being royal. Each compartment has 4 cabins each with tow beds. It has facilities like TV, Music system, running hot and cold water.

Golden Chariot: This train is named after the stone chariot in vitthala temple in Hampi. This train connects different tourist places like Pondicherry, Tamilnadu, Goa , Kerala and Karnataka. The coaches are colored in Gold and Pink color. As of now this is the only train in India to have wifi connectivity.

Another luxury train is the Royal Rajasthan on Wheels. This train is also introduced to promote tourism in Rajasthan state.

Apart from these luxury trains, there are super fast trains travels across India. Duronoto, Rajdhani and Shatabdi express trains are the most fastest trains in India.

Top 5 Fastest Trains in India

Travelling in Indian Railways is an awesome feeling. Check out the 5 fastest running trains in India. Here are the list:

5. New Delhi – Kanpur Shatabdi Express

This train travels at a speed of 90 Kms per hour. This train is also called as the reverse shatabdi express because the schedule of this train is quite opposite to the Lucknow shatabdi express. This train was introduced in the year 2009 to handle the passenger load.

4. Duronto Express

The Duronto express runs at a speed of 92 Kms/hour between West Bengal and new Delhi. This train is known for its time efficiency and there no technical halts in the total journey.

3. Rajdhani Express

The Mumbai Rajdhani express is the fastest train of all the Rajdhani classes. This train travels at a speed of 90.5 kmph and runs between Mumbai and New Delhi. This travels a distance of 1385 kms in 19 hours.

4. New Delhi – Bhopal Shatabdi Express

This train was introduced in the year 1988 and travels at a speed of 91 kmph. The shatabdi express is one of the super fast trains in India. There are different classes of shatabdi express trains.

5. Gatimaan Express

This train runs between Agra and New Delhi and travels at a speed of 160 kilometer per hour. This train takes 100 minutes to cover 200 km distance. The fare of the train is 25% more when compared to other super fast trains.

Check out the train running status of shatabdi expess. Shatabdi Express, Rajdhani express Rajdhani express and Duronto train, Duronto Express.