Clean My Coach

The Indian Railways has started a new service called Clean My Coach to provide cleaning services on the running train. The On Board House keeping service on the train will facilitate the cleaning of coaches. Currently the housekeeping department cleans the coaches twice in a day. Now passengers can demand the cleaning of the coaches and can avail this service at any time. This service is easy to use. Here are the instructions on how to avail this service:

SMS Compliant: Passengers can demand for the cleaning services at any time. Passenger has to send an sms to 58888 to avail this service. The format of the SMS is CLEAN PNR-NUMBER. Just type CLEAN, 10 digit pnr number and send sms to 58888.

Online Complaint: Passengers can also demand for the cleaning services by lodging a complaint on the Indian Railways new online portal. Visit the online portal, enter the PNR number, phone number and then submit the complaint. Currently this service is available on 1297 trains. Before requesting for the clean my coach service, check whether the service is available on your train or not. You can check this by entering the train number or your PNR number.

Android App: Passengers can also request for the cleaning services by installing the clean my coach android application. In the mobile app, passenger have to enter the PNR Number and mobile number to demand for the cleaning.

How Clean My Coach Service Works

As soon as the passenger lodges a request for the cleaning service, the OBSERVE software sends and sms to the on board housekeeping member. It also sends a unique code to the passenger to track the request. The house keeping member then calls the passenger to confirm for the service and then full fills the cleaning service in the passenger coach. After the service, passenger can give feedback by using the unique code.

Sanitation is the least importance given by the Indian Railways and Indians. The Trains, railway tracks, railway stations and its premises are often filled with garbage. We should not blame only Indian railways for this. As passengers of railways, it is also our responsible to keep the trains clean.